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We can help you receive financial compensation

We can help you receive financial compensation, appropriate support, advice and medical care for personal injuries resulting from:

No personal injury client chooses to be injured and start a lawsuit. Whether it be from a motor vehicle accident or a fall as a result of someone else’s negligence – clients quickly realize they will need compensation to help get their life back to normal.

At Harvey Katz law office, we specialize in assisting persons with injuries get compensation from insurers and negligent parties for their medical treatment and time missed from work.

We recognize that no one plans to be injured, and few have the resources set aside to pay a lawyer if they cannot work and struggling to get better. That is why many of our clients are taken on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not take money at the start of a case. Our lawyers would be happy to discuss if your case is able to be taken on these terms by calling our office.

Harvey Katz law office has assisted drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists with claims for over 40 years. Each situation is different, and every person who caused injuries responds to litigation differently. Whether the case can be resolved with a lump sum settlement or whether it requires a trial and judgment – our lawyers will help guide the way.

Our contingency fees can vary based on the complexity of your case. The maximum contingency fee charged will be 35%.

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