What Is Bad Faith in My Long Term Disability Claim?

insurance disability claim

A long-term or short-term disability claim with an insurer has a contract that outlines the rights and obligations of both parties. Every contract is different and provides different benefits and procedures that must be followed.

What Is Public Nuisance?

Public Nuisance

Public nuisance in Ontario, often arises from a slip, trip or fall will be pursued under the Occupier’s Liability Act, which is a law outlining the duty to take reasonable steps to ensure a property is reasonably safe.

What Is the Threshold and Who Meets It?

What Is the Threshold and Who Meets It?

The threshold is a test used by the court to determine whether an accident victim should be allowed to recover money for pain and suffering, also known as “general damages”.

What Is a Notice Letter?

What is a notice letter at home

We were recently asked, “what is a notice letter?” If you have sustained an injury that is the result of the negligence of another person, you could have an action for damages. Your entitlement to damages begins at